All about me

This is me. I am Alex and I am 9 years old. I am a very intelligent boy so please may you read my text.

Here is my avatar:

It is a pleasure to be on the internet and sharing my thoughts with you. I would like to see your avatars too, be careful to not give away too much information.

I have designed the background to look like I go at the speed of light, in reality I don’t! Actually, it is my intelligence that is very fast.

I live in England, in the South West. I live in a town called Cheltenham. My hobbies are Dragons and Dinosaurs. I like playing games on the computer and I love Lego too. I have tonnes of Lego!

Here is my teacher, Sarah.

I work with Alex 2 days a week and we have lots of fun! We wanted to join this blogging challenge to meet students from around the world! We would love to hear from you.


12 thoughts on “All about me”

  1. Hi Alex and Sarah,

    What great avatars. I love the way you have included one for both of you.

    I also love the way your text is well spaced. It makes it so easy to read!

    I noticed people have to log in to view your blog. Are you able to change this in your dashboard so people can visit for the challenge? Go to Settings > Reading and select ” Discourage search engines from indexing site but allows normal visitors to view ”

    I have also upgraded your blog to Pro for 3 months so you can try embedding content later on in the challenge. Hope that helps.

    Alex, I have a son who is only 4 but he has a few things in common with you as he loves LEGO and dinosaurs. Do you have a favourite dinosaur?

    Best wishes from Australia,
    Kathleen Morris

    1. Kathleen, thank you for your message, as I do have a favourite dinosaur; a T-Rex!I love them because their name means tyrant lizard king. What is your son’s favourite dinosaur?

      Alex Wallace 9 years old, Cheltenham

      1. Hi Alex,

        You and my son have something in common because his favourite dinosaur is also the T-Rex!

        I was surprised to learn that the T-Rex could be up to 6 metres tall. Wow!

        Maybe you’d like to write a post about dinosaurs sometime (either for fun or for the challenge). We’ll be doing ‘free choice’ for the Student Blogging Challenge in a couple of weeks!

        Best wishes,

  2. Really good job i just took a look. And it is really unique and happy. and i am happy for you so good job.

    1. Thank you for your question .I saw your blog so I know that you play prodigy!Try to find me I mostly go on Animalia, also my name in prodigy is Alex animalcrafter.

      We are hoping to do a post on my Lego creations next week – we hope that you will look out for it!

  3. Hi Alex,

    Your avatar is great, and I really like the background. I love LEGO too. You should make a post about LEGO like I did.


  4. Hello Alex,

    What do you like to build with Legos, when I was your age I like to build Legos with my younger brother, we built lots of houses. I would like to learn more about you.

    From Thailand,

    1. I have posted pictures of my Lego if you would like to have a look?! I love building villages and houses too.
      What is it like in Thailand? I bet it is hotter than here!

      1. Wonderful I will go and check out your photos. In Thailand, we have summer all year it is so hot here, Alex.

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